Friday, January 4, 2013

ATM Exp 2013 Update

ATM Exp 2013 Update

ATM Exp December 2012/2013

Cheat Ninja Saga Desember 2012, Atm Exp Hack working for level up, cheat atm exp ninja saga easy for use, just put the level you want, and wait delay, so you can level up aoutomatic, the cheat use fiddler tools, and file swf, how to use cheat atm exp ninja saga :

step :
1. Open fiddler
2. Download file Swf and darg file swf to fiddler
3. Don't forget clear cache you browse
4. Open Ninja Saga
5. Go to Headquarters Room
6. If need password you can download password

Tools : Fiddler (download)
File : Swf

Password For RAR File and Leveling ATM ( see here,.!! )

Description: Cheat ATM Exp Ninja Saga Desember 2012 Work
Rating: 4.5
Reviewer: The Raiko
ItemReviewed: Cheat ATM Exp Ninja Saga Desember 2013 Work

ATM Exp 2013 Update

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riski ramadhan said...

Not Work !!

Ariez Shikamaru said...

Sorry because this cheat From TheReiko Share,..!! thanks

Taufiqul Hakim said...

is work

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